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Welcome to Northside Veterinary Clinic.  We have been providing caring and personalized service to you and your pets since 1949.  We offer high quality and compassionate preventative, medical, surgical, and dental care for dogs and cats.


Our practice philosophy is that quality health care begins with excellent client communication.  We take the time to discuss in detail your pet's health and to answer all questions that you may have.  In recent times the health care community has lost the "personal touch", which is so highly valued by our patients and clients.  At Northside we strive to combine this personal touch with compassionate and high quality veterinary services to provide the very best health care for your pet.


We invite you to browse through our News and Information and Pet Care sections, which include a variety of useful articles ranging from preventive care to common and not-so-common diseases. Also, you will find many useful links to information available on the web.  We welcome your comments and suggestions, so let us know what you think of our website during your next visit to our clinic.


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News and Information



Holiday Hazards

The FDA has a wonderful webpage, including a cute video, that can help you keep your dogs and cats safe during the holiday season.


Skunk Spray Remedy

Summer is such as wonderful time of the year - hiking in the woods, camping, roaming through the forest.  All of these activities, though, can potentially lead to a dog/skunk encounter!  What curious dog is able to resist getting just a little closer (too close!) to that cut black and white creature?  Here is a link to The Skunk Remedy Homepage by Paul Krebaum.  Yours truly has used this recipe on his own dog and can vouch for its efficacy!



Secondhand Smoke and Cancer in Pets

Click here to read about how secondhand smoke can affect your pet.



Outbreak of a new strain of Canine Influenza

Click here to read about Canine Influenza.




There have been rumors of a "new f-strain" of Parvovirus.  Fortunately, these rumors are false, but Parvovirus is a very contagious and deadly disease, regardless of the strain involved.  Please read the following blog on the AVMA website for more information (Parvovirus blog).




Many questions have arisen regarding Ebola and the AVMA has been working hard to keep us informed.  Please visit this AVMA webpage (Ebola resources) for more information.



ASPCA Poison Control Hotline


Do you know what to do if your pet ingests chocolate, a houseplant, medications, or anything else that could be harmful? Call the ASAP Animal Poison Control Center at (888) 426-4435. Get more information at the Animal Poison Control webpage.



Are you prepared?


Summer time means taking extra steps to protect our furry loved ones.  Here are the AVMA's winter time pet tips and summer time pet tips to help keep your canine companion safe all year round.


The AVMA's holiday safety tips is a good resource for the holidays each year.



We all know about first aid for people.  But do you know about basic first aid for your pet?  Visit the AVMA's first aid tips for pet owners.



Would your pets be safe in an emergency situation or natural disaster?  Please visit the following link to read the AVMA's information on disaster preparedness and be sure to take the time to put your emergency kit together.

AVMA disaster information



Pet food recalls


An official recall has not been announced, but many pets have been sickened or have died as a result of eating certain jerky treats.  Please read the following FDA fact sheet regarding jerky treats.  FDA jerky treat fact sheet


Please visit the AVMA's website to stay up to date on all pet food recalls.  Pet Food Recalls



Bed Bugs


Like it or not, bed bugs are making a comeback.  Please visit the AVMA's Bed Bug FAQ to learn more about bed bugs.



Pets have teeth too!


February is National Pet Dental Health Month, but you can take great care of your pet's teeth year round!


Access the Pet Dental website for great resources on how to provide proper oral care for your pets and for activities for kids.



Traveling with your pet?


Basic Travel Info.

     Please visit the AVMA's website for information and resources on traveling with your pet.  Pet Travel Tips


Don't forget about car safety!

     Do you fasten your seatbelt?  Do you safely put your children in an appropriate car seat or booster seat?  Do you do the same for your four legged family members (only 2% of pet owners can say yes)?  Please visit the car safety page on the AVMA's website.  Pets in Vehicles


International Travel   

   Please download and read the following document published by the Maryland office of the USDA, which gives you good basic information about traveling overseas with your pet.  Please note that as of June 29, 2012 the Annapolis APHIS is closed, so all endorsements must be done through the Richmond, VA office.

Pet International Travel Info.



Outdoor Enthusiasts

     Please visit the AVMA's website to learn more about how to enjoy the outdoors safely with your pet.  Outdoor safety





     Several cats have been diagnosed with H1N1.  Please visit the AVMA website to learn more about H1N1.





     Please visit the following websites to learn more about rabies.  The Rabies and Kids website is especially informative and fun for pre-teens.






Also, the Rabies Awareness Day page on the AVMA website has information on rabies, including how to prevent dog bites.



Canine Influenza

     Canine Influenza.  You've been hearing a lot about it.  Some information in the popular press is true, but much of it is blown out of proportion.  Click here for a brief synopsis on Canine Influenza.



National Pet Week

    Please visit www.petweek.org to learn more.  Great resources are available for teachers - just click on the Educators link, or click here Educator link.




    Many human foods can be hazardous to your pet's health.  Read the following article to learn about the risks associated with ingesting xylitol, which is a common artificial sweetener found in many foods and chewing gum.

Xylitol Toxicity



You may also download the AVMA's Household Hazards Brochure here.




     Methicillin resistant Staph aureus, or MRSA, has been in the news quite a bit recently.  Please click the link below to read a short summary on MRSA in our Pet Care section.




For more news, check out our news archive.



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